I like having the boy around. The reason is going to sound selfish or materialistic, but it’s not. I came home yesterday and he had hung his paintings. It really changes the place. He had straightened his stuff up and the place looked really nice. Not to mention, HE DID THE DISHES! That is SO hawt! πŸ˜€ I’m sure I’ve been pretty boring for him… he plays video games and I lay on the bed and pass out! lol At least we aren’t arguing or fighting about anything. πŸ˜€ … yet! lol Even though it was raining and wet outside, it was cozy and warm and sunny in my little studio! I hope he doesn’t feel too out of place…. I’ve been in his situation a number of times and I know how weird it can get. I just hope he’s comfortable.

And yeah, my quality of life will be upgraded for the next month or so… It will be nice.

Live Long and Prosper.