Friday was the big day. All day at work I wondered what was going on. I was very distracted. I got home and my apartment is full of boxes and he is sitting in the middle with his friend,a girl who he has known since he was married. I knew she was going to be there. She’s okay. I don’t really know her that well…. We’ve never hung out, but she does not like me. So, anyway, I get home and we sit and talk for a bit, then they tell me that they still have a load of stuff in the car.

We worked on getting the rest of the stuff out of the car. I had smoked before hand or else this all would have been SO frigging stressful. His friend kept making comments about him and I and what I had gotten myself into. For the most part… I laughed my ass off. I thought she was funny. Then she made a comment about how “it would be cooler if we had a car”. I was about to say… “Whoa… what’s this we… there IS no WE! There is HIM and ME!” I let it slide, it was no biggie. I realized that she didn’t really know what was going on.

We ordered pizza. Afterwards, she asks us what we want to do. The boy looked at her and in a pissy voice said, “You have to go. I can’t go anywhere, I need to get this stuff unpacked.” She looked a little upset, then she left.

The boy looked at me after she left and said, “Man, she was bossy.” He went into the events of the day. He was pretty stressed. I felt bad for him. He hooked up his computer, played some games and I passed out! lol.

We just enjoyed the weekend. The weather was beautiful. We went for a long walk on Saturday. Sunday he wanted to buy “Spore“. We played Spore the whole day! I’m curious as to what he’s up to now. I love being in my apartment during the rain… it’s so relaxing. I wish I was there too!

Which reminds me… I forgot my umbrella today! Drats!

Live Long and Prosper!