Okay, so I skipped a few days. Here’s what’s been going on in my apartment.

Friday: His stuff all over my apartment. He sets up his computer. Plays some games, I pass out.

Saturday: I get up and go to the gym. Thankfully my stuff wasn’t in my closet…. Went to the gym, came home, did dishes. Straightened up what I could… crawled back in bed to nap.

Sunday: Off to church. When I get back, I have paintings on my wall… the boy is a painter… SO SEXY! The new shower head is installed, the bose gets plugged in, Spore is loaded, brownies get made, pipes are packed and passed… Sunsets, on comes Entourage and I pass out again! lol He couldn’t get enough of Spore. He played well into the night. I’m hoping I get to play when I get home.

We had an arguement on Saturday. We had to run a quick errand and he couldn’t decide what to wear. After 3 changes of clothing I said “Come ON! We are only going up the street!” said in an antsy and comical way. He got a little huffy. He gave me a lecture, I felt guilty at first. Later that night, I said in a quiet voice, “I’m actually a pretty good roommate.” He leaned over and gave me a hug and said “You are a very good roommate. You are the best roommate I’ve had.” Awe…. he gets huffy and jumps to conclusions but he’s actually a great guy.

Last Wednesday night he was over. It was getting late, I asked him if he wanted to stay. He said he didn’t think so. About 30 minutes later, he stood by the edge of my bed, got this adorable look on his face and said “Can I stay over?” I laughed and said of course. Then he said, “You’re going to put this in your blog, aren’t you?”

Live Long and Prosper