I am going to share something very personal and embarrassing. One of my favorite songs is in My Fair Lady. It is the most empowering song! I listen to it whenever a guy leaves me or any other type of heart ache. I’m still hurt from that whole comment that the Boy made the other night about him staying with me. He had the BALLS to say that I would think that since he is staying with me that I will pretend like we are married. Well, here’s a big FUCK YOU to the Boy! The world will spin with out you, Bastard! God Damn it! I fucking lived when he wasn’t there… I’ll fucking live again! My life does NOT end with him! The BALLS on that boy!

If you don’t want to watch the whole thing… Skip to 1:00. The song starts there.



I realize after re-reading this that this sounds like I was really mad and fed up with the boy. Actually, this is the rebelious me coming out. I hate it when people tell me how I am going to react to a situation. They are usually wrong. I just needed to get this off my chest. I am a strong, VERY strong individual. This was my “strong” self coming out. I love the boy to death and there is no reason to think otherwise…. just needed to say this so next time he pulls this, I can look at him and tell him to his face! Thanks for the support!