He did it again! Sometimes, I’m not sure how to take this kind of thing. I’m not sure if he is doing this cuz he really likes me likes me, or he just likes me like a friend likes me.

We went for pizza this weekend. We were sitting at the table discussing our pizza order. He’s a veggie guy, I’m a meat girl. I like the random veggies, like spinach and pineapple, (although, I think pineapple is a fruit, right?) He was willing to give up his choice of veggies to make me happy. The gesture may seem small, but it’s pretty darn big to me. Not many people are willing to give up their own comforts for lil’ ol’ me.

So I bought this really cheap computer. It was cheap because it didn’t come with a OS. He helped set me up. He took my computer back to his place, loaded a bunch of kickass software, some of my favorite music, and a really neat wallpaper. I have a tricked out computer! WHOO HOO! The thing that floored me the most, was that he thought enough to put my favorite artist on there. Not just a few songs, but the whole gosh darned discography! *sigh* I almost felt like I got a dozen roses! ALMOST!