I’m going to write another list of odd quirky tid-bits about me. Nothing too emotional.. I hope. I didn’t expect the last one to be so emotional, it just happened. Here Goes…. Hold on to your hats.

1. I masturbate with the news on.

2. I never buy the same body wash twice.

3. I never buy the same shampoo/conditioner twice.

4. I use to write erotic stories.

5. I used to choreograph dances on my parents patio to songs by NKOTB.

6. My college roommate used to/still does choreograph songs to N*SYNC

7. I never danced with her.

8. But I watched, had no choice.

9. I would rather buy stuff for my kitchen than clothes.

10. My wardrobe suffers, SO bad!

11. I’m the oldest of 4 children.

12. One of our favorite child hood games required my brother to be a shop owner and he would repair our bikes.

13. We used my grandpas shed.

14. We had another game that required us running down the hall

15. I figured out why they call it a QWERTY key board…. just this week! lol

16. I’m insecure about my own knowledge.

17. I shouldn’t be.

18. I was 18 when I lost my virginity.

19. He was 17.

20. We use to fuck like rabbits in his mini-van! lol

21. He was the only one to make me cry from sex, and that was Junior Year of college.

22. I collect Teddy Bears.

23. I only like Teddy Bears with clothes on….. but I most of my collection is naked.

24. I only have three here.

25. I like going into the American Girl Store at Christmas time.

26. I was 29 when I snuck into my first movie… It was “A Bee Movie”

27. I get hot for Fly Boys… fighter pilots for those of you who don’t know the term… Heck… Any pilot really.

28. I talk to myself and my cats.

29. I make a killer pie crust.

30. I make a killer apple pie… or at least I like to think I do.

31. One of my favorite recipes only has 3 ingredients…. Pot Roast, Onion Soup Mix, a can of coke.

32. It’s amazing.

33. I like the dark.

34. Except when I watch those true crime shows….

35. I quit watching them when I moved into my own place… I get TOO freaked.

36. I know how to shoot a gun.

37. I’m a pretty good shot.

38. I would love to go to a shooting range on a date.

39. I think it would be HOTT

40. I’m also good with a bow.

41. I’ve never actually MET anyone famous.

42. But I was inches from Johnny Depp.

43. I can count on one hand the amount of G spot orgasms I’ve had.

44. I wish I had more.

45. I’m kinda scared of them though

46. I just bought my first computer.

47. I’ll be 30 in September.

48. I LOVE public transportation.

49. I moved to the city by myself.

50. Things went horribly wrong.

51. But everything worked out for the best.