I was walking to the post office today after work and one of my exs popped into my head. His name was Andy and he is married now. I looked him up recently on myspace and saw that he was getting married to a girl of 19 or so. Good for him. She looked happy and so did he.

I thought about my time with him and how eager he was. He was probably 3 or so years younger than I was. We met online and “dated” for a few months.He was cute, had pretty hair and a body that looked like he just walked out of Men’s Health! He was horny all the time which was good for me cuz I was too! We went out and did things but we spent a lot of time in the bedroom. I kinda felt bad for his roommate.

That year I decided to ask him to my grandparents house for thanksgiving. It took a lot of planning but I pulled it off. My first out of state meet my family kinda thing. I kinda regreted it. The whole time he just wanted to have sex. Nothing kills a mood for me like my family! He just wouldn’t let it go.

We broke up because apperently I didn’t give him enough love. I get that. He wanted a wife and kids and I wasn’t ready. He wasn’t patient. I’m okay with it. I didn’t appreciate the whining, though.

Live Long and prosper…

P.S. I LOVE that i wrote this whole thing on my blackberry whilst riding the bus home from work! YIPEE!