It’s amazing the things we take for granted.

I woke up Saturday morning at 5:30am with a krick in my neck that was paralyzing. I laid in bed for a while trying to stretch it out. I called my sister around 6:30. She’s a massage therapist and I thought she might have some suggestions for me. She said that I should get some sort of Ben Gay stuff, although NOT Ben Gay cuz there is better stuff out there. So, I did manage to get out of bed thanks to some rolling about and sliding off the side of the bed. I attempted a shower cuz my sister said that it might help loosen me up and proceeded to try to get dressed in the loosest and easiest clothes to put on. I settled on this 7 year old tank top from the Gap that was super easy to pull over my head, a pair of old board shorts(girl ones so they were short), and an old blue button down Polo shirt. The less strenuous to take off the better. I was a mess!

I called this massage place I know of. It’s a place for affordable massages. Therapy, not the naughty kinds. I scheduled an appointment for 1pm then headed to Walgreens to try to pick up some not Ben Gay stuff. Have you ever gone through a day with a stiff neck? How much of a tool do you feel like?

I sent a text to the boy asking him if he had some pain killers, the strong ones. He called me at 11am asking if I was okay and if there was anything he could do for me. He really is something special. Sometimes I I marvel at his thoughfullness. I told him thanks for calling but I think I have it under control now. I told him I would call after my massage.

My massage went well. That guy hurt me so bad I thought I was going to cry! The end result was good. I can move my head more. He suggested the Ben Gay thing too only he suggested that I wrap a towel around my neck and stay away from the air conditioner.

At 2pm, I called the boy and told him I was headed his way. I went to his house and played Tiger Woods Golf, which I kick ass at! and some Snow boarding game which was fun also. Then, here is the kick ass part. We smoked and then watched Star Wars! HOLY FUCK it has a whole new meaning now! LOL Too bad I was so comfy that I fell asleep! =( But it was nice to wake up and have the boy right there. Sometimes he gets up and plays video games at the computer. I felt pampered! 🙂 hahahaha I find romance and specialness in the smallest of gestures. I would have stayed the night only my neck and his bed weren’t going to be a good combination. So, I left and spent the night slathered in medicated sports creme and heating pads. SO sexy! No?

Sunday morning, I wasn’t much better. I spent the morning under the heating pad and medicated sports creme whilst watching Degrassi: The Next Generation.  I know, I know, it’s a fucking horrible show, but I think it does speak to the kids. They have good story lines, like a student bringing a gun to school and shooting kids, abusive relationships, and finding out your friend is gay. It’s mindless and the ONLY Thing on TV that early on a Sunday morning. I skipped church for the second week. Last week I was sick, this week and my neck! I tried to shower but all that I had was cold water. Boy, that sucked! I finally got showered and relaxed for a while. The boy came over and we went out and about. The city was noisy due to the constant low fly overs from the planes from the Air Show. I felt like a 5 year old every time I watched one fly over. I’m blown away by the fact that we can get something that big heavy and fast in the air. Plus, the Navy turns me on! 😀

We decided to see “The Clone Wars“. Don’t waste your money! Before the movie we went to this bowling alley that shares the building. Mind you, I still have a stiff neck. We sat in the bar area and our waiter came to take our order. I had to sit and look at him a certain way because I could only move my head in certain directions. When the waiter left, the boy laughed and said we had a funny interaction because the waiter tried to put his head in the same position as mine. I laughed and wondered if he thought I was really handicapped or just had a bad neck! Another wonderful laugh filled evening. I’ll be sad when winter starts!

Live Long and Prosper…..oh, and Use the Force!