I wasn’t sure I wanted to write about my day with The Beau(from http://www.thebeautifulkind.com fame). I’m just bored enough to do it now! 😉 Nah… I just wanted to make sure I said the right things… today, I’m inspired.

I had spoken with Beau for about 4 hours the Saturday before. I don’t think either of us intended to talk that long. It was just one of those conversations that seemed to go on forever…. well… Almost forever…. My phone service sucked at the time and AT&T signal cut out on me like 5 or 10 times. He asked when and where we should me. So I told him and said, I have church in the morning, we’ll meet about noon.

After church on Sunday, we meet at the place I designated. When I saw him, I was a bit surprised. I expected him to be taller. From all of TBK’s blogs, I expected this big burly man. I was surprised to see that he was my height and not at all burly. I didn’t expect facial hair either… I think he had written something about shaving it, so I was surprised to see him with a goatee. He also had this really quiet demeanor, which I was also surprised at. I know we had talked on the phone but somehow his quiet body language surprised me. Like he was timid. Okay…. I just rolled with it.

My personality is like a chameleon. If I am with someone quiet, I am the talker and vice versa. I talked up a storm. Beau thought I was nervous! HA He doesn’t know me at all! lol 😉 I admitted to a little bit of nervousness, mostly just trying to figure out where we stand with each other.

We went to the Shedd aquarium. I hadn’t been there yet and thought it would be a good place to start. I tried to pay half for parking and my ticket, he would have NONE of that. He really is a Dom, the little bugger. Also, the view of the city is the best at that spot so I thought he might like to snap some photos of my lovely city!  BOY, that was a mistake. I HATE having my picture taken and Beau kept trying to snap pictures of me when I wasn’t looking. I’m quicker than that, I saw it coming and dodged most of them.

The aquarium was cool. I liked it. I thought it was a good way to spend some time with someone without there being any of that sexual crap that goes on. I’m really bad at that. I tend to jump right to the sexual stuff and not take time to get to know the person. It’s something I’m working on, diligently. We saw the lizards, the sea otters, the penguins, the beluga whales.

I really wanted to see the baby beluga. I’ve never seen a beluga before. When I was a child, it was my goal in life to save the whales. They are such beautiful creatures. I still have a special place in my heart for them, but I can’t afford to give money and science wasn’t my strong suit. Plus, when I first moved down here, the Shedd welcomed their first baby beluga whale. I’ve been dying to see him.

Beau went gaga for the penguins. They really are a funny little animal. It was fun to watch them cut thru the water like nothing. Beau crouched down to get a better view and seemed entranced by the flightless birds playing in the water.

The other thing that I found funny about Beau was his attraction to the Sea Otter. I have to admit that they are the cutest little things, but he seemed so captivated. Maybe I’m jaded. I don’t know. I never expect a man to show a weakness like feelings. LOL This is something I may explore later… but to see man openly admire the beauty and intrigue of an animal was an interesting and new experience for me.

We talked a lot. I had a lot of questions and he laughed when he realized that I have actually read most of TBK’s blogs and could recall the smallest details. LOL He would start to tell me a story and I would say.. “right… and didn’t TBK do this?” He would laugh and say, “This is weird to meet someone who only knows that side of me.” He surprised me also by recalling things in my blogs. I was impressed that he read my stuff.

The night ended in Chinatown. We went to a Malaysian restaurant. He took the lead there cuz I had NO clue what was going on. Again, he was really excited to be there.

Over all, it was a good day. Witty conversations and snarky jokes. Beau is a pretty awesome person. I was glad that I took the time to hang out with him. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of him to post here… lol but I hope you enjoy the picture of the Kimono Dragon. That sucker was FRIGGIN HUGE!

Live Long and Prosper!