I’ve done this tons of times before. It was always so easy. This time, I dread it. I live in a city where men are at my beckon call and I can’t seem to get over the one that I want the most. The Boy…. *sigh*. I’ve had two offers in the past day, I just am not interested. The Boy is the only one I want, the only one I want to tie me down, rev me up, and send me sky high with ecstasy. Maybe when some time passes….. it usually takes a year or two. Only one other time did I ever feel this strongly about a  boy/man….

In High School….

Picture this:

Junior Year

ACT Testing Room

Me sitting there…. butt ass early in the morning looking like I just rolled out of bed. I was maybe a whole 110lbs, a natural brunette but bleached my hair for the part of LOLA in Damn Yankees for the spring musical so my skin was a sickly pale.

My teacher put me in the front of the room so my desk was touching the chalkboard. I wasn’t the only one… there were a few of us, but I was the first one seated there. I was goofing around, like I so often do and I turned to check out the doorway.

I just about flipped. Standing there, next to my English Teacher was one of the cutest boys I have ever seen. He was about 6 feet tall and had the curliest head of hair I had ever seen. A pale brown… glints of gold. Oh, my lord was he sexy. My first thought was, “THAT is the man that I am losing my virginity to!”. I kid you not. Those were the words that almost came out of my mouth.

I prayed so hard… “Please Lord, PLEASE sit him behind me.” I chanted this over and over in my head while “trying” to remain calm and collected. I never in a million, trillion, kajillion years EVER thought that he would sit behind me. What’s this? He points to the chair behind me and proceeds to take the seat. Now here is where things get weird…. LOL

I turned around facing the wall… I gave myself a little pep talk. I said, “Self, if you don’t take this opportunity you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.” So I took a deep breath and I spun around in my seat and said something to the effect of, “Hi, Who are you? Where do you go to school? Do you have a job? Where do you work?” I don’t quite remember how it all came out but I do remember that he had his head resting on this desk and about 30 sharpened pencils on his desk lined up in a row. This boy meant business!

He slowly raised his head and made simple attempts at answering my questions. It turned out that I worked with his best friend at K-Mart, which, ironically, was the guy I had a crush on at the time. We talked until they told us it was time to put our stuff away and take the test.

On our break, I walked out into the hallway and chatted with some friends while keeping an eye on him. He was watching me too. Both too scared to make the next move. A couple of hours later, the test was over. He caught me in the hallway and walked me out to my car. Half way out the school, I realized that I forgot all my stuff in my locker and had to run back and get the stuff. By the time I got back outside he was gone. I made a bee-line to K-Mart to talk to the best friend.

I ran into the store and hunted that boy down. I saw him bringing in carts. I rushed up to him and said, “I just met so-and-so and he’s gorgeous!” The best friend said, ” I was going to hook you up with him. Want me to ask if he wants your number?” I said, “YES!!”

The next day was Sunday. After church I followed my mom into K-Mart to make some purchases. Who do I see in one of the aisles, the best friend. He says to me “Hey, Can I have your number?” Now, here’s typical me… coyly “Sure, what do you plan to do with it?” I had completely forgotten the previous day. He says that his friend that I met at the ACT test, Rob (he’ll never read this and no one knows who he is anyway), wanted my number. He was going to call me in the next week. I was giddy!

I waited for a week. Every day I waited for him to call me. I was so anxious! Friday came around. I had to work til close. I was standing at my register and who do I see walking in front of my backed up register? Rob. Man, those people couldn’t move fast enough. I was busy the whole time. I just wanted to talk to him but the customers kept coming. MAN, how frustrating. I could tell he was nervous too. The next thing I see, he grabs a $0.25 pack of Big Red gum and stands in my line. He had to have waited for like 15 minutes, it sure seemed longer. He got up to me and hands me the gum and says, “Would you like to go to a party with me tomorrow?” I was floored, I tried to keep my cool and act like this happened every day… it didn’t. “I would love too!”

That night I went to Wal-Mart to buy Charlie White perfume…. remember that stuff? LOL I can’t smell it without being taken back to that night. BTW…I would have purchased it at K-Mart but it was closed and I didn’t get a break that night due to I didn’t work the right amount of hours.

The party went well. I couldn’t believe how great a kisser he was. We made out in the back seat on the way home from the party. He got SO hard! I miss those days, being able to kiss a man and get him hard! 😀 It was my first experience with being mutually attracted to a guy. The other ones were jerks.  Rob and I didn’t sleep together for another 6 months or so. I’ll save that story for later.

Live Long and Prosper!