I’ve been having some messed up dreams lately. My dreams are usually strange, but I’ve never had any dreams that were like this before.

I have a sister that will be entering high school this fall. I have to admit that I’ve been really worried about her attending public school. My experiences were awful and I want to protect her from that. But as time goes on I’m feeling better about it. She has already made a friend and they seem to be getting along well. I’m happy about that. Plus, she is one of the smartest kids I know.

Well, I had a back to school dream with her in it.. Only, I was in school too! YIKES! I was so worried about her getting to school on time that I almost missed the bus! I woke up thinking, I don’t want to go back to school. I was dazed and didn’t know where I was. It took me a minute to realize that I don’t have to worry about that anymore! Whew!

The dream I had Saturday night was weirder. I dreamt that I was at a hospital and Joshua Jackson from Dawson’s Creek was one of the doctors. Some how I ended up pregnant with his twins and went into labor. He seemed less than thrilled. I felt something was/going wrong. When the first baby was born it came out with this HUGE head and tiny tiny body. I looked at the doctor and asked in a frightened voice…”Is the baby alive? Is it okay?” And just as I said that, the baby stood up, swaggered on its legs and fell over the edge of the little bed that the nurse had set him in. I turned my face away but could hear the splat. The baby died. I woke up.

I wonder what it means…. Does anyone have an idea?