I have always been a couch potato. Less of one now thanks to a bit of a social life. The big city is so tempting. Sometimes I have to force myself to stay at home because I don’t have the money to play like everyone else. I am going to clue you into a few shows that you may or maynot have heard of and may or may not have watched. These are TOTALLY worth checking out. Feel free to leave your suggestions as well.

First off, I want to say that some of the commercials out there are works of friggin’ art! Take the Shamwow guy, or Billy Mayes! LOL My FAVORITE infomercial is for the Bullet. If you ever see it while channel surfing, you HAVE to watch it. It’s so funny! I love the fake enthusiasm and yet they make it look so useful. I’ll tell you what, The bullet is useful for studio apartments that don’t have much room to store stuff, but that’s about it!

I think Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a kick ass show. I love how this little valley girl ends up being the saviour of the world from all that is evil! Plus, it’s kinda VERY funny! Everytime I watch that show I want to go out and take a karate class and stake a vampire. Some of it gets pretty hot too. I like their use of music as well. It’s funny how music can TOTALLY set a scene. They have some great artists doing guest spots too, like Biff Naked and Cibo Matto.

If you are gonna check out Buffy, then you have to check out Angel as well. You’ll get a new appreciation for David Boreanaz. I’m not completely sure how I feel about the series, but it didn’t stop me from watching it a couple of times through.

Bones and House M.D. are fun to watch. I love how both characters are completely brilliant nerds that get to save the day! It’s a trait I wish I had in myself, the brilliance, and I think that’s why I like them so much.

Arrested Development is NOT to be missed. It’s only three seasons, but it is possibly one of the best shows ever to be made. The writing is so smart that you may have to watch it a few times to catch everything. Sometimes, I still find things that I haven’t caught before and I have watched the show so much that I have almost worn out my DVDs. The cast couldn’t have been better. They mesh so well and I think that is part of the magic, neh, ILLUSION of it all! 😉

Cowboy Bebop is an animated series but is well worth the time. Originally aired on Cartoon Networks Adult Swim, this show is witty and suspenseful. This is where I incubated my adoration for anime. Spike is a intergalactic bounty hunter that saves the day but never seems to get the recognition or the reward! This gives the show part of it’s charm. I YEARN to fly around in a space ship with a glock on my hip hunting down bad guys with some kick ass martial art moves!

You have to catch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Season 4 is starting this September, but you have to catch Seasons 1-3 on Hulu.com. You won’t be sorry. This show is brilliant! You have to read the back story on this show, you might appreciate it better. It’s silly off the wall humor might go over your head for the first couple of episodes, but once Danny Devito gets in the picture, you can’t stop yourself from watching their hijinx.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a Star Trek geek. Granted, I am not nerdy enough to have a book with outlines and plans for the Star Ship Enterprise like someone else I know, but I do find Picard flippin’ HOTT! I prefer TNG as opposed to the other ones. I have been known to watch marathons of this show.

I keep up to date on news too. I don’t believe alot of what they are reporting on. I just dont’ think that you can get the whole story in a 2 minute story span. The things that they are reporting on have such a history that 2 minutes in a 30 minute news cast can’t cover it all. I also get sick and depressed watching that 30 Chicago students were shot this year or that the police found a meth dealer with 5 infants in the house inhaling the drug, or the 20 or so dogs that were found malnutritioned and beaten. There is only so much depressing news that someone can take. So, to give my brain and my bleeding heart a break, I turn to something that will make me laugh.

Live Long and Prosper!