Last night was pretty kick ass! I went out and bought some new books. I FINALLY got out of my contract with AT&T! YAY!!!! AND there was a KICK ASS storm last night. (I use capitals as emphasis, not yelling…. if you actually knew me in person I think you would understand my use of capitals.)

First I called AT&T. I have been frustrated with this company since I started at my new job. Their customer service sucks and the service that I am paying for is sporadic in the area where I spend most of my time, which is completely useless for me. I have to go a mile outside my neighborhood to even use my phone! I don’t think so! I would like to use my phone as comfortably as everyone else! And now I can. I spoke to an escalation manager last night and told her my frustrations and she said, “You have 30 days to get out of your contract with us and find a new service with out paying the penalty charges.” YIPPEEE!!!! Now part of me is saying… was this the right move? Of course,  it was. It’s better than dropping calls every 10 minutes and dealing with the frustration and eventual stress of the situation. Whew! Wow… am I relieved!

Next, I went to buy a couple of books. The boy was telling me about this book called Ender’s Game and how good it was. He talks about this book quite a bit. So, finally, I said, Can I borrow it? MAN, did he get excited! I went and bought The Fountainhead, To Kill a Mockingbird, and The Unbearable Lightness of Being.  I bought The Fountainhead because I am in LOVE with Howard Rourke. I love his spirit and his ideals. I have read the book before and this is another example of romanticism for me. I melt when I think about Howard’s passion. I think it’s one of those books that either you love it or hate it. I love it! I want the boy to read it, so I bought a copy for him to read. I figure if he doesn’t read it, I’ll get it back and read it again. It is defiantly one of my favorite books. I bought To Kill a Mockingbird because I have never read it. In my high school books like that were reserved for our Honor’s English Classes…. BULL SHIT if you ask me! The regular English classes did get to read Great Expectations which is another one of my favorite books. My best friend told me to read The Unbearable Lightness of Being, so now I have that one too.

HO-LY CRAP did Illinois and Indiana get hit hard by that storm last night. I grew up on a farm WAY out in the middle of BFE and I have seen a lot of bad storms. I’m a veteran when it comes to tornadoes and damaging storms. I don’t get scared much anymore, but last night when that storm hit, I did get a little spooked. The wind and and the rain were so strong that the trees around my apartment were bent in half. I have to say that I was pretty friggin’ cool but I made sure to put my cats in the closet just in case I had to jump in there fast.  If I get scared, then you know it was a bad storm. Even my boss who was born and raised here in Chicago said that it was the worst storm he’s ever seen in Chicago. Unfortunately, our office saw some damage too. We have leaks and one of our windows popped open, didn’t break, just popped open and now there is a mess on the floor.  Hope you all made it out okay.

I was surprised this morning by my door buzzer. I asked who was there, “Police m’am, please let us in.” I was so shocked and a little scared so I let them in. I stood in the middle of my apartment wondering why they would be coming to see me. I said a quick prayer for my friends praying they were okay then I get a knock at the door. I open it… and it’s the boy, holding a newspaper and some coffee. OMG… I was so relieved but my knees were still shaking. I need to think of a good joke to play on him. I’m not a vindictive person so the concepts of revenge sometimes escapes me. But I think it would be absolutely delicious to find something that would either creep him out of his skin or really shock him. Revenge is a dish best served cold! 🙂

Live Long and Prosper!