I had SO many ideas of things to write about but alas, I forgot to write them down and therefore, have NO idea.

On Thursday I went for my monthly wax. Not sure how monthly it can be on a 6 week stint. I’ve grown fond of my wax girl and we talk and confide in each other to a point. It’s like your hairstylist. If you have one you are familiar with…. they know parts of your life and what not. Well, I get into the room and the first thing she says to me is… “You seem really relaxed today.” I thought about it for a minute and said, “Yeah, I feel pretty relaxed.(considering that she was about to use hot wax on places that are so painful it brings tears to your eyes. I think I’m a masochist.)” I left there and her comment was still on my mind…. I wondered why I was so relaxed. The only thing I have been doing differently is this… blogging. (yes, however geeky that maybe) But It seems like a type of therapy for me. I can admit things here that I may not be comfortable admitting out loud.

In fact, I was almost positive that the boy had found it. I told him last night. I said, I don’t care if you read it, just don’t tell me you are reading it. But I still can’t get the idea out of my head. I’m sure with some time I’ll forget… it’s still fresh.

I finally got my invite to Ravelry.com! I’m excited. A whole social network of knitters! I’m starting to look at patterns. πŸ™‚ Yes, I am fully aware that I am a dork. I accept and embrace it. I enjoy the look of shock on someones face when they find out I knit or am into a certain show or what not. Looks can be deceiving and I think mine most defiantly are! πŸ™‚

Okay… I’ll reveal something else about myself. I fucking LOVE romantic movies. Like Romeo and Juliet(with DiCaprio), Don Juan DeMarko is another fav. The soundtracks to these two movies are phenomenal. I get all jittery and gooey when I listen to the music. One of my favorite romantic scenes is in My Fair Lady. The very last scene when he is sitting in his library listening to her recorded voice(because she told him too) and in she walks, turns it off and says “I wash’d me hands ‘n face b’for I come I did.” The feeling that scene gives me… is indescribable. It describes true romance to me. He’s too proud to admit his feelings but she catches glimpses of it and knows. *sigh*

Live Long and Prosper