There are times I LOVE myspace. Those are times when I find old friends or funny things to post on friends pages. There are times I HATE myspace. For example, when ex-boyfriends feel the need to stalk me and make me feel like utter crap or just be down right stupid. The other times I hate it is when I see something on a page that strokes that jealous green monster. This has happened a few times. I end up talking myself down from the ledge, so to speak, because, seriously? It’s myspace!

Once it happened with my best friend. She lives in Michigan and I don’t get to see her that often. She got really close with another friend and I felt pushed out.


How about when another friend checked out the boy’s myspace and saw that I wasn’t listed on the top friends. LOL Now, come on. I know who he spends most of his time with….. well, lately anyway. I don’t need to be on his top friends. There was a comment that bothered me though. We HAD apparently been dating and he never told anyone. So, all his friends that are girls were like “but I thought you were single the whole time?” I have to say that that bothered me a little. And it also bothers me that his family doesn’t know about me. Not like they would care…. but still. It’s the principle, right?

The logical side of me says…. “Look, the guys been through a divorce and some pretty rough times. Give him a break.” What should be important and what is just filler? That’s what I’m having trouble sorting out. Granted, we are not apparently dating right now…(much to my dismay). But like I told someone this weekend…. he adds so much to my life, I can’t imagine him not being around.

And so, I push it all in and try to forget about it. Trying to get him to talk about it is tough. So, denial it is. Or is is more ignoring. *shrugs* What ever it is…. I’ve been doing it for years. One of these days I’ll burst and my red gooey insides will be all over the place.

Live Long and Prosper.