Yesterday I went way up north to get a brazilan wax. I use to go to a place here in the neighborhood I work in. It was convienent and I really like the girl that did the wax. She left and went to this new place up north. I followed her of course. There are only so many people I like poking around down there if it’s not related to actual sex. And this isn’t, it’s painful and she’s really good at what she does. It’s been just over a year since I started seeing her. Well, I had a long train trip there and back by myself. I was knitting on the train and just thinking. Then I thought about what I was thinking about and here’s what I came up with….

“Whoa, check out that grafeti. Wonder who did it. How did they get up that high? Was it a girl? What time of night did they do it? Do they scope the place out? For how long?”

“That’s a pretty neat billboard. It’s neat that it’s not actually on a board but on the side of a building. Check out those straps. Wonder who makes those. Wow, someone actually came up with that idea. Someone is actually making money for an idea that no one even thinks about.”

I think about all the small things that I come across in a day and how someone actually has to make them. Even if it’s a machine,… wow, the scope of things is emense. Sometimes I wonder how I fit into it all.