I’ve been inspired to write since I see more people reading. It’s funny the places and things that give you inspiration. Once I was inspired by a Kenny G song. It was a beautiful song. It inspired me to write a  book. I didn’t get very far… a few chapters, but that feeling of inspiration is like a drug. I like it.

Yesterday after work I met up with some friends for drinks. It was nice. This has been a busy week for me and my bank account reflects it. 😦 We hit up this restaurant and had some drinks then headed down to Navy Pier to watch the Wednesday night fireworks. It was nice to get out and socialize with someone other than the boy and my cats. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of them, but sometimes a person needs a little change. I try to stay in as much as I can to save money but once in a while I have to treat myself and this week has been it. I’ll try to do cheap and free things until my birthday! I’ll work on my knitting my Christmas presents. Anyway, the fireworks were fun. Very Pretty.

I had too much to drink. My apartment felt strange when I got back. Have you ever walked into a room and felt that something wasn’t right? This has happened to me twice this week. Once on Tuesday, but that was explained because the boy said that he had been to my place while I was working. Last night was unexplainable. I got home, I didn’t do much except pee and go to bed. But yeah, something is off in my place. I’m not sure what to do about it. I’m not sure if I like it or not either…. that’s what makes it weird. It’s not an uncomfortable feeling, just something off, not normal. Maybe it was because I was drinking and getting back late by myself… maybe it was ME that felt weird and it’s not my place at all. It’s a puzzler.

Spoke to my sister for a bit this morning. She said she is planning on coming down for my birthday. I would like to fix my little studio up a bit before she comes down. I’d like to get some pictures or decorations on the walls, I’d like to wash my rugs and maybe clean my closet. My wardrobe is a sad sight. I wish one of those make over shows would come in and sweep me away to do shopping while they redo my apartment. Then I come home to a newly decorated space AND a closet of new free cloths! My life is never that easy though! lol And to be perfectly honest, crap like that scares me. I have a hard time accepting gifts from people too. The boy wanted to buy me a dress for a party when we first started dating, and I turned him down. It made me feel uncomfortable. Wonder what in me makes me that way. Why am I the way that I am? I know why I am the way I am for the most part, a wonderful family and a few close friends, but why do I have all these weird quirks? Other girls have NO problem accepting expensive gifts from guys that they have only known for a week…. Personally I find that strange, but then again, I have never had a guy that bought me extravagent gifts, so maybe that’s why I find it so sick.

Again, thanks for reading.

Live Long and Prosper!