I’m in a constant state of change it seems. I go through phases. Sometimes I just wanna sit on my ass and watch TV, sometimes I want to go to the beach a lot, sometimes I get in knitting kicks. I decided to join a knitting circle. I need the influence of other girls and desperately want to advance my knitting skills so I thought this would be a good idea. I enjoyed it. At some point in the conversation it was mentioned that I must see a lot of cute boys in my neighborhood. I thought about it for a minute. I have been boy crazy since the first day of Kindergarten.

*quick flashback to 1983ish* I’m a 5 year old girl just getting off the big yellow school bus on tree lined dirt road and walking up the gravel driveway to my mother with my baby brother and infant sister and my Grandmother with lite red hair. Grandma leans down and asks me how school was. The first thing out of my mouth was “I sat next to this really cute boy and his name was Tommy B.” I had the biggest grin on my face. I remember the moment when the teacher put me next to him. Even then I didn’t think I was cool enough!(just a side note, I love that i figured how to insert things into my blog. This picture reminds me of home, only take the mountains and turn them into a huge forest!)

So, I turned to the group of knitters and said, “You know, I’m seeing this guy right now that I’m pretty crazy about. I haven’t even noticed the cute guys around.” HUGE for me. This is coming from the girl who would cram two to three dates into one night! Whew… exhausting. The Boy and I can stay up all night just talking and we do still every once in awhile. He makes me smile.

I wasn’t expecting to see him last night. I got home from knitting around 10pm. The air was charged. Lightening lit up the sky. I thought… “oh boy, this will be cool!” I got into my apartment right before it started down pouring. I pulled open the shades and sat on the bed with my knitting and watched the rain. Very comfortable. I hear my door buzz. Of course I knew it was him, but had to check anyway. He walks in my apartment dripping wet. Even then he’s so adorable. I bustle to get him out of his wet clothes (=D lucky me! I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing him naked!). Wish I could tell you that we had incredible sex but I can’t. We did how ever have a great conversation, and I got to wake up to him in my bed. *sigh*

So, in between work yesterday and the knitting group, I walked around the neighborhood. I happened to pass a subway station. It stunk! Even from the corner of the street the smell wafted up to my nose and I thought…. “I can’t believe I go down there!” Subways have a distinct smell. At least the one in Chicago does.

On another unrelated note, How many people can say that they listen to their bosses watch porn in the office? =D