I can’t seem to bring myself to buy a pair of red shoes.  I want a pair so badly, too! Once I saw these really cute Minnie Mouse shoes at DSW when I was shopping with a friend. I was tempted to buy them, but I’m horrible at saving money so I decided it was probably not a good idea. Everytime I walk into a shoe store I am lured to the red shoes. A couple of times I have seen things that I like, but more often than not I’m not thrilled by the style. If I see a cute pair of shoes I usually buy them in brown or black… they are so versitle, but those red shoes…tempt me. I don’t wear a lot of colors. My fashion sense leaves something to be desired. I try… The other day I did buy this red dress that look so good on me the sales girls were in awe…. but I can’t seem to break down and buy those shoes. Now, I think it’s just one of those things that the more I want it the more I don’t want it kinda thing. Like if I were to buy the shoes, then I’d get sick of them and never wear them. *sigh*