I have one other blog on myspace. This is my secret blog because I am hoping that I will get up enough guts to write my secret yearnings, hopes, dreams, and maybe some dirty stuff. 😉

One thing I have not been able to admit on any of my social networking sites is my job. I work for a new porn company. It’s internet porn and I am just the lowly Executive Assistant, but I love it. There are frustrations but nothing beats watching porn all day! lol Nah, not really. I actually do work. Although today it’s a bit slow. The boss is out and we don’t have money for me to work on projects that I need to work on, so I sit here and surf the net, write blogs and wait for someone to ask for my help.

I check in with TBK through out the day. Look up recipes as I am an aspiring wife and mother… although still waiting on the person to help make that happen. Sometimes I chat with friends around the country, and in some cases… the world.(shout out to my soldier friends! You rock and cookies are on the way!) Sometimes I do get caught up watching porn. It’s addicting. It turns out that I am the biggest consumer of gay porn on our site. Our gay site isn’t the best, but I’m fascinated with Tranny porn. It’s like a train wreck that I can’t stop watching. Sometimes, they get their dicks to spin in circles….. being a woman, sometimes I wonder what that would feel like.

Once, I was dating this guy who would get naked and dance. I don’t think it was his objective when getting naked, but he would be getting up for water or the bathroom or something and he would do this little hip thing…. and his dick would spin too. I guess I never thought about it then. I was too busy giggling.

Anyway, I keep my job a secret from family and friends back home. The last thing I need is for my parents (although my mom knows what I do and where I work) to have the stigma that their straight laced good Lutheran daughter is acting in porn. I know I’m not, but rumors are wicked! A few years ago I found out I was pregnant with a boy! Which was a tough act since I hadn’t had sex in 2 years…. lol What do people get out of starting rumors like that? Someone once started this vicious rumor about my sister and I told her to start a rumor that the guy who started the rumor like to take it up the butt. The funny thing is that it circled back around and she heard it from someone else! hahahaha Unfortunately, my sisters rumor was more degrading and character defiling than the rumor she started. My sister is a tough nut though. I wish I had the gumption she did.

Well, it’s getting to quitin’ time. I’m going to sign off. I would like to thank the 6 or so readers that checked me out today. Live Long and Prosper! =D