The boy came over last night. We had dinner at a diner close to my place. He talked about how much work he had to do. I just nodded and listened. He knows I know that he will get settled in and then pass out. We got back to my little place, settled onto the bed and started chit chatting. I was in the middle of a word search, he proceeded to tease me about it. I watched him get his laptop set up, I started falling asleep. The next thing I know, it’s morning and he’s passed out next to me. Still in his jeans and wife-beater. It was too early! I didn’t sleep well. It’s not like I kept waking up… but just not restful. I hit snooze for almost an hour. Then I decided to get in the shower. When I got out, I laid down again for a few minutes… He beckoned me which made me more apt to get some early morning snuggles. Like I mentioned before, our sex life has been pretty non existent. Which kinda sucks, but on the other hand… I like that our relationship is more than that. So many of my relationships have been so superficial.

Well, lucky me.. he’s feeling a bit frisky this morning. His hands are exploring, but I tell him no, (yes, I must be stupid! I’m sure kicking myself now!) and proceed to touch him. He’s hard so I take advantage of that. I search under the sheets and sneak my hand under the band of his boxers. I push back his boxers and grab his cock. I lay there and stroke him. It just looks so appetizing. I rarely go down on him cuz he claims that he can’t cum from a blow job. Well, I proved him wrong this morning! What a great way to start a day! =D