ok…. I’m gonna try to break it down into times… because I’m sick of telling the story over and over and over again. I might go into more details at the end, but right now I’m gonna break it down into times…

12:50pm I get off the red line and head to Truman College. I ask the guy at the desk inside the door where to go. He sends me to the auditorium. I follow the pink signs posted on the walls.

12:55pm I walk into a gym where I am promptly yelled at and told to go “over there”(fierce pointing is involved to the outside of the gym) I head in that direction but see no one. I ask one of the crew and he helps me to the “extras holding” area in the cafeteria in the building I just came from.

1:30pm We are told to line up to check in. We are given a form to hold on to until we are sent home. We are to fill it out and keep it close to us. There were about 400 extras that day.

3:00pm Some of my new friends have already been sent to waredrobe, hair and makeup. I sit on my ass and start a game of Rummy with one of the other “new” extras. I kick some ass.

7:00pm I am FINALLY sent to wardrobe, makeup and hair. I walk over with about 15 other girls and we stand in line and wait for an open station.

8:00pm I am STILL standing waiting for an open station. I am sent to “hair” to get my hair cut. I’m thinking I’m gonna get a cute bob, but NO … I get some hack job. BTW… I was the last one.

8:30pm. After my hasty hack job of a hair cut, I am sent back to waredrobe. I get measured and told to sit in a chair. I dutifully do as I am told. I am a little upset witth the un necessary chop job and complain a little to the girls around me… who, luckily, get out with ADORABLE haircuts and styles.

8:45pm I am pointed at and told to follow. I follow a woman into the dressing room and she asks me how tall I am. I tell her 5’8″ and she says to me “Just to let you know, we might not be able to fit you because you are so tall.” I answer “okay” and go to sit back down.

8:46pm I return to my seat and update the girls that I’m too tall and might not get a dress. Then call my mom to tell her the news.

8:48pm I watch this beautiful tall girl get a sexy silky brown dress AND a great haircut. “what the fuck?”

9:00pm I finally get a dress and wait around to get accessories.

9:30pm I am sent back to hair to get my hair styled into the 1930s fingerwaves.

10:15pm I am done with hair and sent to the last makeup person who stuck around to do my make up.

11:25pm I’m FINALLY done and told to wait til the guy on the crew can take me to set.

11:35pm I arrive at the set. I wait until they are done shooting, I say hi to a couple of people that I recognise from waiting.

11:40pm I’m sent to the front of the set to stand next to a table. I look around and check out the set. There are tables with little lamps, some tables have plates, some have food, others are bare. Everyone is in cool vintage costumes, I’m two steps away from the cameras. I just take in the scene. I am really looking for Johnny Depp but I don’t see him anywhere.

11:55pm I hear “CAMERAS ROLLING, BACKGROUND(at that point all the extras start moving), ACTION JD.” everyone starts moving around the tables. Paniced, I just start walking to the back of the room. I walk to the bar because I know some of the girls I met are sitting there.

12:30am After a couple of takes, We are told to head downstairs to the buses and they are going to take us to “lunch”. We munch on Chicken, potatos, salads, and what not. and head back to set.

1:30am We are back on set and told to go to our starting points. At which point I head to the front table, I wasn’t told any different. I stand there and just watch the crew talk. I’m trying to figure out who is the director, and who all the other people are…. “Where is Johnny?” Oh, there he is… he blends right into the rest of the extras. He stands and talks with the “directors” for-eva! The rest of the night goes something like this….

“CAMERAS ROLLING, BACKGROUND, ACTION QUE JD” we walk and pretend to talk, scene ends, “RESET” and all over again!

3:30am About 80 people head downstairs to shoot the outdoor scene. The rest of us stay upstairs and sleep… or talk… or read… I slept.

4:30am I wake up. Apparently, they are done shooting downstairs. Everyone gets excited that we might get out of there sooner than expected.

5:30am The cameras FINALLY make their way up stairs.  They set up… and take forever doing it. Eventually, we hear, “FIRST POSITIONS”

6:00am We run through the same set up again a couple more times, then they start bringing these really big lights out and setting them up in the middle of the set. They start filming in the middle of the scene. At which point I’m usually at the back of the room so I don’t have to do anything. I sit at a table and talk to some new friends of mine. We laugh and joke around and smoke some unfiltered Camel ciggs… which I found out… YUCK!

7:45am “FIRST POSITIONS, WE ARE GOING TO TRY JD’s APPROACH TO THE TABLE AGAIN” At which point I look at my friends and say “This better be the best damn approach yet. He better walk like god damn Zeus or I’m outta here!” and I walk back to the front of the room.

9:00am “IT’S A WRAP!” Everyone cheers and I grab my purse and RUN out of there! I am suppose to be at work already and I don’t want to stand in a long line to hand in my costume. Someone told me that it would take 2 hours! YIKES!

9:30am I’m finally in my street clothes and on the street headed for the Train. It was fun. a lot of waiting, though. I tried to get into as many camera shots as possible without being to obvious. At one point, I almost knocked Johnny Depp down, unintentionally, of course. So, look for me! In the end, I’m glad I did it. Haven’t decided if I will do it again.