I have always been thin. In high school I weighed 90 pounds. In college, I weighed 110. Once, a long long time ago, I weighed 130. I was depressed then and eating myself out of house and home. I’m a five foot eight inches and at last measurement, I weighed 120lbs.  I will be turning 30 in a few months. I have noticed my body changing in some unwelcome ways.  I have noticed that jiggle in places I have never jiggled before. I can no longer eat what I want and still stay the slender person I have always been.

A year ago I was on my feet for 12 hours at a time. I attribute that to part of my leanness on being active for most of the day. Now, my job requires me to sit at a desk. I’m a lot less active. Some days I get lucky and I’m busy and hardly in my chair… but not lately.

I bought “The Bean” a few months ago. The results on TV were spectacular. Plus, it allowed me to do exercising without hurting my back on my hardwood floor. I haven’t been all that dedicated. I was pretty good for about a week… then, it kinda dropped off. I’m looking for inspiration, something to keep me motivated. Apparently, getting fat isn’t one of them. I’m not liking the drop off of my metabolism.

So, to conclude this blog, I’m going to summarize my feelings on turning 30….. IT SUCKS!