I have started looking for another job. It couldn’t hurt, right? One of my friends has the worst luck with jobs. She was looking for a job for 5 months or so when she finally found one. She’s been working there since about November or December. She was happy, as one usually is when they have a steady paycheck. But today, she was let go. Her company, a large book distributor, is down sizing. And now, she’s back where she was 8 months ago. She has the worst luck. I offered to let her come down here and stay with me. Now, I’m wondering about my choice in that. I’ll of course let her. She’s an OLD friend and a long time ago, someone helped me out like that. Karma and all that.

It rained like crazy this morning. I left my windows open. There wasn’t any wind so I don’t think I’ll have much to worry about. Now, I have to leave work and dodge cars that splash puddles on the sidewalk… Hope your night is drier!