Every day I walk out of my apartment building and walk west to my bus stop. I have a 15-20 minute bus ride to my next stop, which is closer to the downtown area. As I step off the bus I take a deep breath of fresh air. In thru my nose I pull the most delicious scent of chocolate. It’s thick and creamy and I practically float on the aroma until I get to the bridge, where I abruptly fall onto the thick heady scent of the Chicago River.

I work on Goose Island. It’s a little spot in Chicago that is surrounded by the river. And no, it’s too far down to get the green color for St. Patty’s day… bummer.  Some of you might even be familiar with the Goose Island beer.There isn’t much here, mostly industrial and rubbing elbows with the famous Cabrini Green “project”. On a side note, I recently realized that Good Times took place in Cabrini Green. Albeit, the real story is much more heartbreaking. My office resides in one of the industrial buildings on Goose Island. I have to walk over the Chicago River everyday. Now back to my story….

So, after the sweet sweet smell of chocolate drifting on the light summer breeze from Nestle or Hershey or what ever chocolate company is making those sweet smells, my nose is accosted by the smells from the river. It’s not too bad. It kinda smells like fish and reminds me of the lake back home. I like to look at what’s going on down there. Lately, there have been goose families walking around. Mostly, the banks of the river are polluted with trash. Which brings me to the title of my blog… as soon as I step foot off that bridge, I can smell it. The parking lot/driveway just off the river hosts a sign that reads Waste Management Co. I risk my life everyday walking across that driveway. Those big semi’s tear in and out of there. I have to give them credit though, they do look out for me and one of them even honks at me daily. But even with the cute baby geese and the considerate drivers, I hate the smell of garbage. And of all places… next to the river??? That doesn’t seem right to me. I guess zoning-wise, it’s the only place to put it. Every other place in Chicago is covered with apartment buildings.