So, I went out with the boy(I know “boy” is such a unmasculine word, but until I can come up with a good handle, this is it.) this weekend. It’s not so different from every other weekend. It’s always wonderful and I spend most of the weekend laughing at him being goofey. I love a grown man who isn’t afraid to be a little silly. Anyway, Sunday we enjoyed the afternoon by walking around and doing a little bar crawl of our own, we hit up the lake for a while and just enjoyed the calm. By the time we got back to my place I was exhausted…. and a little drunk. I ended up passing out as soon as the movie was in the player. Now here is the wonderful thing…. I woke up to the boy……. doing dishes! Granted, he’s been spending A LOT of time at my place lately. And he does help clean up. But I never expect him to do dishes! To be honest, I didn’t really appreciate it until morning when I woke up to a clean kitchen. How special did I feel? He never ceases to surprise me. He’s pretty darn special.