I’m not talking about a court case trial. I’m talking about trials in life. Today has been absolutely horrible. I don’t have a very high self esteem. Which I personally find weird because I grew up with a wonderful family, but still…  I’ve been looking at my past and trying to figure out what the hell! The first instance was when I was in third grade. My teacher told me that because I was a farmers daughter I wasn’t going to be able to spell the words for our spelling test. Nice, huh? And it’s gone on like that for YEARS. Authority figures seem to find it okay to beat me down. I guess that since it comes from authority figures, I let everyone else do it to. I feel completely worthless. I work my ass off everyday doing stuff for everyone else. Going out of my way to make others comfortable even when I’m uncomfortable. Why does everyone tell me I’m worthless? I’ll probably only be appreciated when I’m dead, when I’m not around to do anything for anyone anymore.

Note to self…. Stay strong. Life is fleeting. This too shall pass.