I LOVE Chicago. I’m very happy here. I’ve also been very depressed here. But I have gotten through SO much. I’m not sure how many of you people have been keeping track… but Thank you for the ones that have been paying attention because knowing you care enough to listen and give advice means SO MUCH to me. But going on…

Chicago in the winter is much like Michigan in the winter. Weather changes drastically on a dime. I’m use to that. What I’m not use to is having to walk around in it all the time. I’m not alone, which gives me comfort. Over half of Chicago commutes by bus or train, but this is the issue that has been weighing on my mind as of late… Drivers. Let me just give you a little insight … bare with me here:

I walk to work along some busy streets. During inclimate weather, there are usually LARGE puddles of dirty water sitting on the sides of the road. Now, I have NEVER seen driving like this until I moved down here. People are in such a hurry to get into a traffic jam that they drive two down the street. Most of the time, they drive through the water, splashing it all over. I wonder, do they see the pedestrians walking on the sidewalk? Do they see us and pity us? Or do they see us and laugh? Do they see that big puddle and the pedestrian and calculate the water spray?

Now, I LOVE Chicago for many reasons. My job for one. I LOVE my job. For the first time I actually love what I do. There’s stress like a normal job. But it’s finally something I enjoy. I LOVE having a grocery store accross the street. It’s also trouble cuz now, that’s where all my money goes. I LOVE having my own kitchen. I bake and cook all the time. Plus, I LOVE the people I’ve met since I’ve been here. They have all been wonderful and added such color to my life.