Last week, a friend of mine called me to tell me that he was engaged and getting married. Good for him……only NOT good for me. Appearently, his fiance was pissed because I had sent him a text message that had the word “sex” in it. The whole story is VERY long and drawn out so to make a long story short…. I was needed to explain to this woman(LATE at night) that my friend and I had ONLY been friends and nothing more. I was upset, stressed out, and depressed. This was the first friend I had when I moved to the city and the second one I have lost because I am a young single woman and they “have started seeing someone”. BLAH!   

So, remember my drama from last week with the friend and his fiance and the LATE night phone call? Well, a similar thing happened to my friend. She called me to tell me that a very close friend of hers called her at 5:30am. It turns out that it wasn’t her friend but his supposed ex girlfriend. She called my friend to say “This is [we’ll call him Wynn] Wynn’s girlfriend, Jane. Please don’t send him late night text messages. He’s up early and from now on contact him during the day.” 

Okay, two things wrong with this picture, says my friend. First off, she hadn’t sent him a text message “Late night text message” for over a month or so and it was when she knew he was at the bar. And second, “Jane” was suppose to be his EX girlfriend. Supposedly, he broke up with her in January.

I was shocked. And somewhat upset for my friend. She said that she was pissed. I don’t blame her. She wasn’t pissed about the supposed break up, but about the fact that this bitch called her at 5 in the morning telling HER what to do! WRONG WRONG WRONG! On SO many levels! AND the fact that he was with some girl that was SHADY enough to go through his phone. Like WAY into his phone.

So, here is the reason I entitled the blog what I did. So, I was thinking about the whole situation and thought of the funniest thing. I mean it was so funny in my head that I actually laughed out loud. I told my friend to send “Wynn” a text message that night and say “Na Na NaBooboo”. LOL OMG… I thought it was HILARIOUS! The fact that it doesn’t really say anything! I thought it would get a laugh from him…..and possibly later piss off Miss Nosey! PLUS, I thought it might show “Wynn” that my friend wasn’t pissed anymore and it was now a joke.

Well…. the end of the story, APPEARENTLY Miss Nosey hasn’t gotten the hint that “Wynn” has dumped her. Yup, girls are stupid! And “Wynn” has apoligzed and all is well.  Stupid Girls!