I was “seeing” a guy from Switzerland last summer. We started “seeing” each other in May and soon after he told me that he found out that he was being transferred back to Switzerland. I pretty much knew from that point that it wasn’t going to go anywhere but we had fun together so we continued our little relationship until he left in December. It’s sad to say this, but he was everything I looked for in a man. He was confident, established, smart, sexy, not possessive…granted he was a bit short, compared to my five foot eight inches and close to six feet in heels. I would like to say that I was in love with him, but I prevented myself from being so and so did he. The one thing that bugged me about him was the fact that he would speak to me on occasion like I was a 16 year old girl… Like he had to explain the facts of life and our relationship to me. I was FULLY aware of what our relationship was. If I couldn’t have him for ever I would have him for the time I could. And we had each other A LOT! He could always make me laugh and he was there for me at a time when I needed someone the most. I’m sure I bothered him with my petty problems but he was kind and listened and offered suggestions when I asked, and sometimes when I didn’t. But I tried not to get into them too much…. That’s not what we were there for. It was an interesting relationship, to say the least. I don’t think anyone understands it but us, which is fine with me.

Well, my reason for telling this story…. Mr. Swiss left in December. I had met a few of his friends a couple times and we all exchanged numbers and what not at his going away party. Honestly, I didn’t expect to hear from any of them again. But a few weeks ago, I got a text message from one of them. He stated that he was out with Mr. Swiss’ closest American friend and he happened to wonder how I was doing. Alright. A little weird, but cool. Mr. Swiss and his American Friend…. We’ll call him Chuck, and I had a little, hardly needs to be mentioned, encounter. So, of course, I’m curious…. suspicious…. intrigued. I agree to meet him for drinks one night.

Last night happened to be the night. Of course the first thing he asks is have I spoken to Mr. Swiss. I looked at him… “No, Why? Should I?” He proceeds to tell me that he likes Mr. Swiss and that he’s a great guy. I didn’t argue with him. But that wasn’t our relationship. He brings this subject up a couple more times. I’m still confused as to why. I don’t see a point to calling him. It’s not like we were getting married. We have emailed a couple times, but nothing other than asking for a certain picture or email address of a person.

So, my other intrigues were answered when he tells me that he is apparently having trouble with his girl friend and he doesn’t know what to do. I HATE this conversation with men cuz usually they have already made up their minds to break it off but then they proceed to tell me that the “don’t want to break her heart”. Screw that! I’ve had my heart broken MANY times, I’m still alive. You live you learn. If you don’t want to break her heart then there is something more there that you are worried about. Well, that was fun. Talking about his girlfriend and Mr. Swiss. I’m still a little…i’m not sure if the word is confused….. but it was definitely a drinking night.