Off to witness the debauchery that is to take place tonight. We look for any reason to drink ourselves silly. I’ve never really enjoyed the past time that is drinking. I don’t like the way I feel and I don’t like who I am when I am drunk, so I tend to shy away from the spirits. But I have been ignoring a social life as of late due to school and full time work schedule and notice myself stressing out a bit. I need to do something other than work and school. All work and no play makes me a very sad individual. Plus, spring is just around the corner and I tend to get more lively. I’ve been trying to re-connect with friends that I haven’t seen in months due to work and school schedules, but they just don’t have time to see lil’ ol’ me. I’ve never been good at making deep long lasting friendships. My mom told me that she use to worry about me. It’s not that I’m shy….I’ll strike up a conversation with anyone. I guess, it’s cuz I hide a lot of who I am… or try to. Maybe it’s just that no one finds me all that interesting. My lack of energy may be a culprit. It’s hard to be nearing 30 with no deep friendships. Well, I guess I should be going. See… here I am trying to procrastinate, putting off the long night ahead that I have actually planned with friends.